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~ Maria Montessori

About  Us

Weaving Science into Dance


FLUX dance explores innovative ways of translating scientific principles into theatrical form.


We provide a platform to educate, communicate and discuss scientific ideas, research and theories within local communities, in a way which is captivating and engaging, formative yet accessible. 

Our pioneering approach to science communication and education has been recognised and supported throughout the UK.

What  People  Say

“Flux Dance's workshops combine Science and dance in a way, and with outcomes, that we never thought possible - kids and adults have huge amounts of fun dancing and throwing themselves around the room, and all learn about something to do with Science by the end of the session. And we all enjoy it, with no exception! A brilliant idea - it gets those bodies moving, those minds thinking, and those thoughts whirring about what more girls and boys could be doing in the STEM space, be that further study or a career. We love it!”


The Stemettes

“I was impressed by what you managed to achieve in such a short time frame with the age group. Despite some initial reservations about getting involved at the start (mainly from the boys), it didn’t take long before everyone was taking part and enjoying it and learning from it too. I think the session really helped to get some key words embedded in their thinking in the hope that when they went back to the classroom and heard those words again they would have a better idea of what they meant.”


Education Manager IET Faraday Projects

“Until Flux, I never knew you could incorporate science into dance, so this was new to me. I really enjoyed the theme and find that it also helped within my science subject lessons during school hours. I am a visual learner so this way of movement really helped me, talking through why we were using this choreography to express a wave or signal. More so, I also believe it improved my memory. A week before our performance I undertook an exam in science, with having struggled revising signals and transmitters through a town. Despite the struggle, I remembered, the things we spoke about on in our class and the choreography we learnt. I in fact got full marks on the question, only from the work we were doing at Flux. Useful in many ways!”


Arden Secondary School Pupil 


Our Story

FLUX dance was founded in February 2012. The company's debut was at A.E Harris Building in Birmingham with the premier of 'The Third Law' a contemporary dance performance exploring Newtons Laws of Motion. The company was initially supported by the Institute of Physics to tour this performance. Since then FLUX dance  has produced a number of new works in collaboration with some of the UK's leading institutions. 


In the same year, FLUX started our educational outreach projects. Having recently graduated from Coventry University, I took a summer teaching job at Bede's International School, where I taught children from several different nationalities dance. It is here where Moving Science was created! I realised linking movement with key vocabulary helped teach children English at a quick pace, not only were the students retaining the information, they were having fun while learning. Linking these  kinaesthetic teaching practices with my knowledge of human developmental patterns, has led me to produce a series of workshops where vocabulary, repetition, movement, gesture and fun are integral to the continued success of the programme. 

Since it's early evolution, FLUX's Moving Science has been developed alongside some of the UK's leading science institutions and supported by researchers, teachers and parents alike. It is at the forefront of 'STEAM' education and has been recognised by The British Science Association as an outstanding teaching practice. I have since been invited to speak at international education conferences offering insight and expertise about FLUX's continued contribution to this growing field. 

FLUX's STEM Performers has been developed alongside the BSA to provide CREST Awards to students aged 11-16 as part of a research project combining Dance and Science.

FLUX dance continues to Move Science across the UK, through our compelling public engagement work, science communication coaching, Moving Science workshops and our all new Sci Comm scheme. We continue to develop and improve our practice, collaborating with leading scientific researchers and educators. 




Our Vision

To see an education system where teachers and students have the freedom to be creative across all subjects. Where cross-curricular learning is the norm. Where all learning styles are catered for, and the one size fits all model is abolished.

Meet The Team


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